Release 2020.10.0

New Features

Added new arguments for the SSH functionality (which are similar to the Salt SSH options with the same naming):

  • --ignore-host-keys: By default ssh host keys are honored and connections will ask for approval. Use this option to disable StrictHostKeyChecking.
  • --no-host-keys: Fully ignores ssh host keys which by default are honored and connections would ask for approval. Useful if the host key of a remote server has changed and would still error with --ignore-host-keys.
  • --identities-only: Execute SSH with -o IdentitiesOnly=yes. This option is intended for situations where ssh-agent offers many different identities and allow ssh to ignore those identities and use the only one specified in options.
  • --priv: Specify the SSH private key file to be used for authentication.
  • --priv-password: Specify the SSH private key file’s passphrase when required.

Any of these CLI arguments can also be provided into the (Master) configuration file as global arguments for all the Minions, as well as individually, for every Proxy Minion.


The --cache-grains and --cache-pillar CLI arguments have been deprecated, as any Minion managed through salt-sproxy now caches the Grains and Pillars by default. If you want to prevent this, you can use the new --dont-cache-grains and / or --dont-cache-pillar options, or simply configure cache_grains: false and / or cache_pillar: false into the (Master) configuration.

See Command Line and Configuration Options for more details.


When using the salt-sapi endpoint for the REST API, in order to have access to the sproxy and sproxy_async clients over HTTP calls, any configuration option is now passed on to The Proxy Runner.

Bug Fixes

  • #176custom execution modules not working”.
  • #169Pillar targeting broken” - which was due to an incorrectly handled caching mechanism. Pillar targeting should now work well (with the caveats documented in Targeting).
  • #179using salt-sproxy as a replacement for salt-ssh” - which was fixed in #185. Thanks @dmacvicar!
  • #181napalm grains not available during template rendering” - fixed via #187.


I would like to engage the community to discuss around the following question: should enforce (internally) to -t 0 (i.e., wait till the device replies) on state.* functions? #182. Any thoughts would be very welcome, or just a simple vote would be sufficient.