Release 2021.6.0

While this release doesn’t bring any particularly new features, it provides several performance improvements which are easily noticeable, from an user perspective (when transitioning from a previous salt-sproxy version to 2021.6.0):

  • Batch execution is no longer the default behaviour when targeting against running Proxy Minions (i.e., when using the --use-existing-proxy CLI option, or setting the configuration to use_existing_proxy: true into the Master config file). That is, when executing salt-sproxy in an environment where you have a Salt Master running and managing running Proxy or regular Minions, and your targeting expression matches some or all of those Minions, the execution is spread out to all the Minions at once. If you want to execute in batches, you will need to explicitly use the -b (or --batch-size CLI argument). Note however, that for devices that don’t have a (Proxy) Minion running, the batch continues to default to the number of CPUs available on the local machine. As always, for a quicker execution (yet more resource intensive) you may want to set a higher batch size value.
  • Whenever targeting against running (Proxy) Minions, in case you want to perform a survey against your Minions and determine which ones are alive, you can use the --test-ping CLI option (or set test_ping: true in the Master configuration file). Before this release, this option was the default behaviour. While this allows you to know in advance which Minions are going to reply, and which are unresponsive, it is more resource consuming, as it spreads an additional set of events, by executing a across your fleet.

Among a few bug fixes, it’s worth noting that extension modules you may have in your own environment should now be working well when Managing remote Unix and Windows machines via SSH.