Large Scale Settings

The reference document remains with some small differences. Note however that if you’re running in Mixed Environments, the notes from the Using Salt at Scale document must be followed in order to manage a large number of devices (i.e., thousands or tens of thousands).

When running salt-sproxy only - without relying on other existing Minions, it is still highly encouraged to use the batch mode when executing: Usage example:

$ salt-sproxy '*' state.highstate -b 20

This will only execute on 20 devices at once, while looping through all the targeted devices.

When running in an environment with a Salt Master running and pushing events on the bus as detailed in Execution Events, targeting a large number of devices may lead to a higher density of events which requires to increase the size of the event bus and other specific options, e.g., the ZeroMQ high-water mark and backlog - see for more details and options.